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Nieuws 2022 - News 2022


March 2022

Winner/Winster Award Dutch Fox Terrier Club

It was a while ago when our dogs, Warnell's Sensation White 'Skye'  & Urano v.d. Bismarckquelle 'Scott' earned both the title of Junior Winner and Winner 2019. Due to Covid19 we received our plates from the Dutch Fox Terrier Club last weekend. 
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Our yearbook ad for the UK Fox Terrier yearbooks. 


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April 2022

National Terrier Club Show & The Wire Fox Terrier Association Open Show 

Back home from The National Terrier Club Show & The Wire Fox Terrier Association Open Show. Really proud of our little Wire puppy Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope 'Raya' 

National Terrier - Best Puppy in Breed (43 entries)

Wire Fox Terrier Association Open Show - Best Puppy in Show & Reserve Best Bitch (27 entries)


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May 2022 

Terugkomdag Blossom nest bij Jan & Anita v.d. Golden Hope.

Blossom nest van Teska & Scott. Josefien, Coco, Bella, Trixie & Raya. Allemaal heerlijke karaktertjes. 

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June 2022

Fox Terrier Clubshow Essen

Back home from the Fox Terrier Clubshow Essen. Our 'Raya' Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope won her first Junior CAC and Best Junior in Show. 


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July 2022

Windsor Championship Show 

Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope 'Raya' - Our Raya make us more then proud by winning Best Puppy in Breed (24) and she won 3th in the Terrier Puppy Group.

And I showed our Airedale for the first time. 

Lady Taralynn v.'t Seebosch 'Zuma' - She was placed 4th in her class (23)

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International Dogshow Neuss Germany

Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope 'Raya' - Third Excellent in Junior Class

Lady Taralynn v.'t Seebosch 'Zuma' - Saturday: First Excellent VDH-Anwartschaft - Sunday: First Excellent CAC/Reserve CACIB/VDH Anwartschaft 

Proud of my Terriers, they will have a rest for the summer and we will see us again after the summer. 


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September 2022 

International Dogshow LKV/CAC/CACIB Genk

Just the two of us where there today, but anyway we have had a good day. 

Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope 'Raya' won Best Junior & Best of Breed. In the Terrier Group she was selected with the last six. 


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Oktober 2022

The Wire Fox Terrier Association Show

Back home from The Wire Fox Terrier Association 100th anniversary show & the 101 Championship Show.

Our Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope 'Raya' did well. Both days she was second in Junior Class. 


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The Fox Terrier Club Championship Show - Stafford

On 30th October I had the honor to judge The Fox Terrier Club Championship Show in Stafford. It was my turn to give my first set of CC's. First of all I have to thank The Fox Terrier Club for inviting me to judge there Championship Show, the exhibitors who entered under me & my ring stewards. But I have to thank all the breed clubs in the UK for making it possible to become a judge of my own beloved breed. It was not always the easiest way, but I always say, where there's a will there is a way!

Dad, I always hoped to share this moment with you, but it wasn't meant to be. I hope you're proud I archieved it. 


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November 2022

Mini vakantie Landgoed de Tol

Terug van een paar heerlijke dagjes bij Jan & Anita (fokkers van Raya) op Landgoed de Tol. Eens heel wat anders gedaan met Raya. Jan & Anita hebben altijd een passie gehad om jacht met hun honden te beoefenen. Ze hadden een sleepspoortje voor Raya en mij geregeld. Sleepspoortje voor onze Raya van ongeveer 750 meter. Will bedankt voor de leuke ervaring en het is zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. 

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